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Chem-Dry First Choice Carpet Cleaning

The Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Process Is Not Like Any Other Carpet Cleaner


Home Page allergenChem-Dry First Choice uses the patented Chem-Dry process, equipment and products to give your carpet and upholstery a thorough clean that dries in hours not days.

Carbonated Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Unlike tradition carpet steam cleaners, Chem-Dry First Choice uses a carbonated hot water extraction process to clean your carpet and upholstery. This method uses up to 80% less water leaving your carpet cleaner and drier quicker.

The carbonated bubbles help to give your carpet a spa bath penetrating deep into your carpet and lifting dirt to the surface. Using less water also means that your carpet backing doesn't get water logged, reducing the risk of mould and mildew forming greatly.

The Natural ® Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Solution

Chem-Dry First Choice uses a non-toxic solution called The Natural®, which is formulated to lift dirt to the surface so that it can be whisked away with the vortex power head, a high-performance unit that applies the cleaning solution and then sucks away the dirt and water.

Leaving no harsh chemical residue in your carpet making it safe for kids and pets.

Remove Allergens From The Home

Carpets are a great way to  filter allergens and bacteria from the air in your home. Over time carpets accumulate these allergens and bacteria. Just like cleaning out any filter, a thorough clean is required to remove them on a regular basis.

The Chem-Dry process has been tested and proven to remove 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery and 89% of airborne bacteria, improving indoor air quality.

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Making your Carpet, Upholstery and Bedding

Cleaner, Drier and Healthier

Chem-Dry First Choice Pricing and Customer Service

Prices vary based on the size of the job.

We don't want to advertise a price on our site that may change with a quote later so have chosen not to advertise any pricing.

All Chem-Dry services are competitively priced, especially taking into account the superior clean you receive from our trained technicians and the super fast drying times achieved.

Chem-Dry First Choice are commited to providing the highest level of customer service to customers throughout Sydney and also Newcastle through to Lake Macquarie.

We can provide a an accurate & competitive quote over the phone or via our online quote form for all of our cleaning services.

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